I create my own patterns for doll clothes. And now I sew for these dolls: Neo blythe (Stock and Licca body), middie blythe, Pulip, Dal, Momoko, Odeco, MSD Slim (elfdoll body), SD (elfdoll boddy) and Pure NEEMO.

I buy the fabrics I use in patchwork shops in my town and rarely online. I try to have good quality and is consistent with the style of clothes.

* New *
Now I am using snaps on some clothes. They are set with hammer and ensure durability.

* Tips *
Keep your clothes in separate plastic bags and if possible with small moisture-proof bags. Wash your clothes by hand softly using a soft liquid detergent.


The list of orders is open at this time, you can talk to me through email: ronmielshop@gmail.com.


Hi! I'm María. I design doll clothes since 2008 and love it. I learned to sew with 12 years of age. My mother taught me, she's sewing teacher. I love all the dolls, but my favorite is Blythe, among them Honey, my Piccadilly Dolly Encore.

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