María Custom Order for Pullip doll

Sweatshirt for Pullip - Candy pink

T-shirt for Pullip

3 Overalls for pullip
Demin - Blue - Pink


Isa Custom order for Blythe

Jeans overall for Blythe
Striped T-shirt for Blythe


Blythecon Madrid 2015

Hi! Here I am with my friend Dafnery!

As usual in me this is the only photo we took of the event Blythecon Madrid,
sorry, was a very exciting day.
But had a great time and look forward to to repeat in the next.


Antonio Custom Order for Blythe doll

Custom order for Antonio
Neo blythe outfit:
Pom pom hat
Rare pink cardigan
Doted smock
Denim skirt
Grey socks
Flowered heaters


Rosa Custom Order for Pullip

Blouse + Trousers for Pullip doll

Short Overall for Pullip doll


Isa Custom order for Blythecon Madrid

Outfit for Blythe doll
These sets are for the two dolls of Dafnery will at Blythecon Madrid to sell.


Isa Custom Order for Blythe doll

Custom order for Isa
Cardigan for Neo blythe in 3 colours
(Baby yellow, Baby pink and Baby lilac)


Doll Lookbook 07

Charlie Pullip doll bloody red hood
Hat by Feltland
T-shirt of Coolcat
Overall by ronmielshop