Nerea Custom Order for Blythe doll

T-shirt + Skirt + Heaters for Neo Blythe


Blythe and Pullip Cardigans - Etsy update

Etsy Shop Update
29 April 2015
21:00 h Spanish time (GMT+1)

1 Rainbow for Blythe (NEW COLOR)
1 Siena for Blythe (NEW COLOR)
1 Pastel Blue for Blythe (NEW COLOR)
1 Pistachio for Blythe
1 Flamingo for Blythe
1 Sky for Blythe
1 Peony for Blythe

1 Storm for Pullip
1 Cold for Pullip


Rob - Lati yellow Lami

She is Rob, is the little girl in the house.
Has a makeup done by Sensei's Make up
Now it's different, but certainly is more than Roberta of ever.
Her wig is of For my doll


María Custom Order for Pullip doll

Sweatshirt + Shorts for Pullip

Dress for Pullip

Demin Overall for Pullip


Partnership Poisongirl #FEBRUARY15

Set for Pullip doll
T-Shirt + Skirt 

Dress for Pullip doll
* Special collar *

Set for Pullip doll
Shirt + Trousers

Set for Pullip doll
Sweatshirt + Shorts + Circular Scarf

Set for Pullip doll
T-shirt + Overall

Set for Pullip doll
T-shirt + Skirt